A taste of the many wonderful walks in the Guadalhorce area
Walking around Finca Limoneros, Alora
Alora is set deep in the beautiful countryside of the Rio Guadalhorce valley in Andalucia, with walking for every level from easy, flat walks to difficult hill walking and climbing.

For details of typical walks from the finca, take the links below. Each walk has its own web page and is fully illustrated.

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El Chorro An easy 2-3 hour walk through the railway tunnels at El Chorro - all level and cool in the tunnels - ideal for hot summer days or any other time of year!
El Hacho A moderately strenuous climb up the mountain dominating Alora. 4-5 hours round trip from Finca Limoneros, great for Spring and Autumn days when the sun is not too strong.
Sierra de Huma A 4 hour climb to the top of the limestone edifice of Sierra de Huma, which stands between El Chorro and Valle de Abdalajis.
The lakes at Ardales - the upper gorge at El Chorro
Access to the gorge from the top at El Mirador restaurant on the lakes, 'the saddle' and the start of the Caminito del Rey.
Ermitage de las Tres Cruces (Las Cruces) (in preparation)
A very navigable walk, though a long climb, up a metalled/concrete track which leads from the Alora - Antequera road over the ridge to the hermitage (and thence to Cartama).
Sierra de Las Aguas (in preparation)
Outstanding views of central Andalucia. This walk, like many here, is not difficult, being up a good, even driveable track, but it is quite long (20Km). Between Alora and Carratraca.